This page will feature links to grammatical topics that aim to break down complex grammatical theories, concepts, phenomena, terms, etc., into understandable presentations to improve their literary use.

Each SAP will provide a semantic and/or a syntactic analysis through the form-function method for teaching grammar. The goal is to offer a clearer understanding or point of view of English grammatical constituents.

Here are some future topics:

  1. The Semantic Differences Between Cumulative Adjectives in Noun Phrases and Coordinate Adjectives in Noun Phrases
  2. The Logic of How Transitive Verbs can be Passive Verbs
  3. The Sequence of Tenses Rule (or Backshifting)
  4. Grammaticalizing Location in Time (tense) using Temporal Adverbs: The Use of Before, When, After, By the time that, The moment that, Since, Until
  5. The Ergative Verb Versus The Middle Verb
  6. The Syntax of When a Single-word Noun Phrase or a Compound Noun Phrase is Modified by a Hyphenated Adjectival Phrase

SAP Posts

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