MCINTOSHFORMS™ uses regexes to search manuscripts created in MS Word. A regular expression, or regex, is entered into the search field of the Find tool in MS Word, and a wildcards search is executed via the application’s search options. This method of isolating syntactic functions using regexes is complementary to The Literary Editing Project, which reinforces and ascribes to the Form-Function Method for teaching grammar.

Each search result is intended to bring your attention to a systematic pattern of items (paradigms) in particular syntactic roles and to words or phrases (syntagms) in a sequential relationship to one another. This method for isolating syntactic functions, and thereby correcting any potential grammatical errors, will be achieved by the user’s having learned the principal tenets of the Form-Function Method for teaching grammar:

  • Languages contain a finite number of grammatical forms.
  • Languages contain a finite number of grammatical functions.
  • Grammatical forms perform one or more grammatical functions.
  • Grammatical functions can be performed by one or more grammatical forms.

MCINTOSHFORMS™ echoes syntactic theories such as relational grammar.

In using MCINTOSHFORMS™, you should be aware of, and also understand, the following terms and/or their equivalent meanings:

  • Grammatical form = parts of speech (“what a word, phrase, or clause looks like”)
  • Grammatical function = role (“what a word, phrase, or clause does”)
  • Syntactic function = grammatical relationship (the position/arrangement of the words)
  • Syntactic role = grammatical relation

Execute not only good copy but also a grammatically accomplished literary manuscript using MCINTOSHFORMS™