MCINTOSHFORMS™ is a grammatical method used by McIntoshLinguistics along with its editing process called the Literary Editing Project (LEP), which provides a study and description of morphology, syntax, and orthography.

For editing purposes, MCINTOSHFORMS™ uses a collection of regular expressions (regexes) and grammatical forms that can isolate the structure of words (morphology), sentences (syntax), and orthography (hyphenation that forms compound words and punctuation that coordinate, combine, and parallel).

Theory and concept behind MCINTOSHFORMS™

MCINTOSHFORMS™ echoes the theory in Chomsky’s linguistic theory (generative grammar), which states that language is a finite set of rules that create an infinite number of grammatical sentences.

The theory also states that as a tool with a finite number of rules that allow us to generate (or deduce) all English sentences, a grammar would also generate only grammatically correct sentences (not ungrammatical sentences).

To use MCINTOSHFORMS™, the user’s knowledge and understanding of the concepts of grammatical “form” and “function” are essential.

Isolate the structure of words and sentences and orthography to identify and remove any potential errors or ambiguity with MCINTOSHFORMS™.